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The association was formed in 2006, under the impetus of M René de Réals, the owner of the Château at Olbreuse, who was passionate about the life of Ēléanor d’Olbreuse, who was herself an illustrious and noble previous owner of the same château, in the 17th century. Charmed by the destiny of that young woman, M René de Réals had a dream that he wanted to make come true: to make known that piece of history largely unknown to the French people, and share it with the local population, using the same château, part of the heritage of Usseau, but within a European dimension, strengthening the ties with the town of Celle (Germany) where Ēléanor lived with distinction after her marriage.

Asst’Uss meets approximately once per month, to promote and pass on, the cultural heritage of Usseau, centred around the bricks and mortar, the water and the memories, and delivered through its cultural events.

Asst’Uss is comprised solely of volunteers from the wider community of Usseau.


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